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For Immediate Release

OCTOBER 17, 2001
For further information Contact:
Michael Lemov  202-371-5700
Kathleen Benson 703-753-3334
     The John E. Moss Foundation is expanding and has added five new members to its Board of Directors.

     The new Board members are:

    • Paul McMasters, Ombudsman, Freedom Forum/Newseum
    • Leo Rennert, former Washington Bureau Chief, McClatchy Newspapers
    • Jeffrey H. Schwartz, President, The Social Venture Capital Foundation
    • Judith Stone, President , Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
    • Martha Priddy Patterson, Senior Counsel, Deloitte & Touche

     The Moss Foundation's purpose is to commemorate Congressman Moss's service to the Nation through the annual award of The John E. Moss Public Service Award.  The award is based on demonstrated qualities of integrity, courage, achievement and dedication to the public interest.  The Foundation is currently studying potential threats to limit the Freedom of Information Act.

     "In times of a national security crisis, we must be particularly alert to protect the public right to information that John Moss so consistently championed," said Foundation President Michael Lemov. 

     The Moss Foundation was organized in 1998 to honor the late Congressman John E. Moss of Sacramento, California.  Mr. Moss served 26 years in the United States Congress. He was the author of the Freedom of Information Act, the Consumer Product Safety Act, the Federal Trade Commission Improvements Act, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and the Securities Acts Amendments of 1975 promoting competitive brokerage pricing and the electronic securities markets.

     The Foundation's Congressional Advisory Committee includes:

    Hon. Robert T. Matsui, Chair 
    Hon. James A. Leach 
    Hon. James L. Nelligan 
    Hon. Paul S. Sarbanes 
    Hon. Guy Vander Jagt
    Hon. Henry A. Waxman 

     The Chair of the Moss Foundation is Congressman John D. Dingell of Michigan.  The first annual John E. Moss Public Service Award was given to Senator John McCain in July 2000 for his unwavering support of campaign finance reform legislation and other significant legislation.  The Moss Foundation intends to announce the recipient of the second award within the next several months.


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