A Remembrance of John E. Moss

By The Honorable Marc L. Marks

John Moss was an extraordinary person. Rock-solid on the outside --- thoughtful and sensitive on the inside.

How well I remember joining his subcommittee as a Republican freshman congressman from Pennsylvania. I had heard how tough he could be --- and at times demanding --- so I was somewhat uneasy when I introduced myself to him. However, that uneasiness passed immediately when he warmly shook my hand and for the next 30 minutes took time out of his very very busy schedule to ask me all about myself and my family. What a gentleman he was!

Just a few months later, knowing how much I needed to show my district that I had worked myself into the congressional routine --- he asked me if I would care to chair a hearing in my district. (Up to then an unheard of opportunity for a Republican to be asked by a Democratic Chairman to chair a hearing in the Republican's district --- particularly a freshman Republican). But he did, and I did that very thing in Erie, Pennsylvania --- much to my constituents benefit and to mine.

To me John Moss was a gentle-man, whose sensitivity to the working men and women made him one of my political idols. I was indeed fortunate to have him in my life.

Marc Marks was a Member of Congress from Pennsylvania, 1977-1983, and is currently Commissioner, Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
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